The Commission on Aging coordinates and participates in events throughout the year such as CarFitthe 4th of July ParadeSenior Health Series workshops, Family Caregiver Retreats, and senior needs assessments and surveys.

2022 Senior Seminars

Scams and Fraud Prevention - Thursday, January 13, 1:30-3:00 pm. 

In this in-person class, you will learn:

  • Password Safety
  • How to determine a fake website?
  • Why you should never clink on Ads?
  • Are you secure on PayPal? Zelle or Cash Apps?
  • How to avoid identity theft

Each year millions of consumers lose their money, their privacy and, in some cases, their safety to scammers. While frauds are widespread, there are ways to avoid becoming their next victim. This seminar will educate and empower you to recognize and avoid all types of scams — whether online, by phone, by mail, or in person. Protect yourself and your family by protecting your information and your finances.

Instructor Bio: Veronica Dangerfield brings an engaging and thought-provoking enthusiasm to her webinars. She is a Financial Educator for Patelco Credit Union, an award-winning international speaker, a published poet, and a professional comedienne. What you will remember most is how much fun you had learning, and you’ll be armed with key takeaways that will shift your thinking and impact your financial life. 

2020-21 Senior Seminars

Coping with COVID Senior Health Series

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Commission partnered with the Pleasant Hill Senior Center to offer a Coping with COVID Senior Health series online through Zoom. The free presentations are below.

Empower Your Senior Dollars

Homecare and the Coronavirus

Coping with COVID Stressors During the Holidays

Healthy Habits During the Pandemic
Emergency Preparedness for Seniors
This class provides information and resources to prepare for local emergencies such as fire, earthquakes, and flooding.
Coping with Stressors during COVID-19 (part II)
Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Forum: 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's

Other 2021 Events

Downloading Ebooks & Audiobooks from the Contra Costa County Library using the Libby App

Downloading Ebooks & Audiobooks from the Contra Costa County Library using a Kindle
Accessing Films and Documentaries through Kanopy