Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Recently Adopted Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Below are recent zoning ordinance amendments completed by the City. Contact the Planning Division at (925) 671-5209 for more information.

Permanent Basketball Hoops

An ordinance amendment establishing development provisions for basketball hoops including setbacks from property lines and maximum height.

Updated Water-Efficient Landscaping Provisions

An update to the existing water-efficient landscaping provisions based on recent updates by the State of California.  Updates included the following:

  1. Thresholds: Pursuant to State Law, the threshold that triggers ordinance compliance for new development projects requiring discretionary City approval has been reduced from 5,000 square feet (or greater) of newly landscaped area (for a single-family residential project) and 2,500 square feet (or greater) of newly landscaped area (for all other types of development projects), to 500 square feet (or greater) of newly landscaped area for all types of projects.  For projects proposing to rehabilitate an existing landscaped area, the threshold that triggers ordinance compliance remains unchanged at 2,500 square feet (or greater) of landscaped area; however, ordinance compliance is only triggered if the project requires a landscape plan approval or architectural review permit (which is typically required only for new construction or modifications to commercial landscape plans).
  2. Review: Independent/third party or City compliance review of a water efficient landscape submittal package is required.
  3. Design Standards: Additional and updated design standards are proposed for landscape and irrigation design and soil preparation.
  4. Option to Substitute: Substitution of decorative hardscape, mulch and/or pervious pavers for a portion of required landscaped areas is proposed to be allowable, subject to Planning Commission review and approval, to further reduce landscape water use.
  5. Streamlined Submittal for Small Projects: A new prescriptive compliance option is available for landscape areas below 2,500 square feet to streamline submittal and review requirements.
  6. Reporting: An annual report on implementation and enforcement of the proposed ordinance is now required to be submitted to the State Department of Water Resources.
Amendments related to Planned Unit Development District Streamlining and Auto Sales Uses

Ordinance amendment to provide a more streamlined review process for Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s) and Hillside Planned Unit Developments (HPUD’s) by allowing the option for concurrent processing of all related applications (e.g. the development plan, subdivision map, use permit, etc.) together with the PUD or HPUD rezoning and to clarify the zoning ordinance pertaining to automobile sales uses and development standards. 

Density Bonus

Ordinance amendment related to the City’s Residential Density Bonus provisions (Chapter 18.20.150 of the zoning ordinance). The purpose of the amendment is to implement provisions in State Law (AB 2222 and AB 744) related to Residential Density Bonus regulations. Residential Density Bonus provisions are required by State law to facilitate development of affordable and senior housing.