Measure K - Five Year Bike & Pedestrian Program

As part of the recently approved Capital Improvement Program, the City included $1.2 million in future improvements as part of the five-year Bike and Pedestrian Improvement Program.  The program proposes a number of bicycle or pedestrian related improvements, primarily funded with new Measure K funds.  The plan will continue the progressive work that staff has accomplished over the past 10 years, including constructing a number of bicycle and pedestrian related enhancements along various regional corridors 

​Over the next two years, the budget allocates a total of $840,100 in Measure K funds and another $100,000 in gas tax funds.  Projects include traffic signal installation at Taylor Boulevard and Civic Drive and pathway improvement project, Contra Costa Canal Trail/Westover Drive crossing RRFB installation, Oak Park Boulevard sidewalk gap closure program.