Bicycle Registration & Stolen Bikes

The Pleasant Hill Police Department is now utilizing as a resource for our citizens to register their bicycles.  Bike Index is a non-profit organization that maintains a database that can be searched to determine if a bicycle is lost or stolen.

Our officers often come across bicycles under suspicious circumstances.  By searching Bike Index, our officers and dispatchers are able to determine if the bike is with its rightful owner.  The index can be also be searched by any citizen and prevent someone from unknowingly purchasing a stolen bicycle.

Often times bike owners do not have the serial number or photo of their bike when making a report.  Bike Index is an easy to use site that stores all that information in case a bike is stolen.  Of course, PHPD still encourages our citizens to report any bicycle theft to the department or should they come across a bike that has been reported stolen.

By using Bike Index, we hope to recover more of our citizen’s bikes.  For more information on registering your bicycle, visit