California Housing Law and Housing Element Overview

The State of California regularly adds and modifies State Laws related to Housing.  In large part due to the lack of housing, particularly affordable housing, the State passes new laws with the intent to generate new housing throughout the State.  The City Council and Planning Commission recently held a joint meeting where they received an overview of recent Housing Law changes applicable to the City of Pleasant Hill.  The presentation was made by a Housing Law expert within the City of Pleasant Hill City Attorney office.  The presentation can be viewed in the link below:  

California Housing Law Overview Presentation

At this same joint meeting, an overview of the upcoming Housing Element, that will be completed as part of the in-progress General Plan Update, was provided by the General Plan Update City Consultant - Mintier Harnish.  The Housing Element provides an assessment of both current and future housing needs, identifies opportunities and constraints on housing production, establishes goals, policies, and programs to meet these needs and updates City practices and regulations to reflect new State laws.  The timing of the completion of a jurisdictions Housing Element is established by State Law with consequences for non-compliance.  An overview of the Housing Element was provided, the City Consultant presentation can be viewed in the link below:

Housing Element Overview Presentation

A link to the joint City Council/Planning Commission meeting on these topics can be viewed through the link below:

March 22, 2021 Joint City Council and Planning Commission Meeting