Council Chambers Request For Proposal

The City of Pleasant Hill has issued this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit responses from qualified firms to design, procure, and install a new broadcasting system, which will replace the existing system, that is used for the presentation, recording, and broadcasting of the events (Council Meetings, Commission Meetings, Training Sessions, other meetings) from the Council Chamber.


The City currently has a home-grown broadcasting system in place. This system has evolved over the past 20+ years and is now beyond its useful life and is reaching technical obsolescence. Therefore, the City is planning to upgrade this broadcasting system to meet the current and future expectations of our broadcasting needs.

The City seeks a Proposer who can demonstrate organizational, functional, and technical capabilities, as well as the experience, expertise, and qualifications necessary to implement and support the latest technology in audiovisual broadcasting systems typically in use within a city’s council chambers.

Details of the RFP can be found here -->  Request for Proposal - Council Chambers AV Upgrade

Update 5/17/2021:

The refreshed specs/drawings are now available here:

Updated Narrative

Updated Specs

Updated Drawings

RFI Questions 5/17/2021

1) Regarding the Set-top rack at the Clerk station. It calls for the rack to be removed (ref Keynote TN11) on page TA2.1. On Page 15 of the RFP Section 4.3, Para V, It indicates that the Blu-ray player, Apple TV, and Airmedia among other things will be located at the clerk's desk. If this rack is removed what is the preferred location and mounting method of this equipment?

ANS: The rack can remain and be re-purposed although a shelf may be needed to house all the new equipment.

2) Would it be permissible to replace the outlets on the Dais and at the staff positions with outlets that include USB charging ports?

ANS: That would be great if the additional cost is minimal.

Update 4/29/2021:

  • SFMI will provide updated/refreshed drawings and specs on 5/14.
  • The deadline for Proposer questions will remain due on 5/14 and the City will answer those questions narratively by 5/17.  However, the City will provide any supporting docs by 5/21.
  • Any additional Proposer questions after 5/14 (i.e. about the updated/refreshed drawings and spec) are due on 5/18; with City responses issued by 5/21.
  • Project completion is now extended to August 13, 2021.