Diversity Commission

Diversity Commission Logo of City tree with words written inside and Pleasant for All written underMeetings

Regular meetings of the Diversity Commission are held on the third Tuesday of the month beginning at 6:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend a meeting to learn more about the Commission. Please note under AB 361, Commission meetings are currently being teleconferenced. Please review the monthly meeting agendas for more information on how to participate as a member of the public. 


  • Eslam Najjar, Chair
  • Carson Sprott, Vice Chair
  • Ken Carlson, Councilmember Appointee
  • Nickan Fayyazi
  • David Hendrickson
  • Jihawna Johnson, Planning Commission Appointee (through July 2023)
  • Kesha Kitchrick
  • Eslam Najjar
  • Jazmin Perez
  • Brianna Shahvar

For commission, committee and board term dates, view the Local Appointments List.


The nine member commission acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council by making recommendations on accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. One member must be a City Councilmember; one member must be a commissioner from the Planning Commission, a minimum of four members must be residents of the city; and three of the members must be residents of the city or the owners or employees of a City-licensed business in Pleasant Hill.

Liaisons to other commissions with diversity subcommittees:

Chair Najjar - Commission on Aging
Commissioners Perez/Shahvar - Civic Action Commission
Vice Chair Sprott - Education Commissions

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Pleasant Hill Diversity Commission embraces diversity, ensures inclusion, and strives to generate a culture of belonging.  We welcome, support, celebrate, empower, educate, and respect every unique member of our community.  With these values, our city's families, schools, businesses, workforce, creativity,  innovation, and relationships will flourish to greater heights.   

These values shape the policies enacted through the Commission's community engagement.  They drive the events, the celebrations, and the open and free discussions the Commission supports to make sure every member of the Pleasant Hill community feels they belong.  

 These are more than just words to the Diversity Commission.  These principles are at the core of the city of Pleasant Hill, making us a community that is pleasant for all. 

The Diversity Commission welcomes your input and ideas. Please email diversity@pleasanthillca.org with questions, comments or ideas.