Storm Drain Pipe Rehabilitation on Cliffside Drive

In January 2021, Kerex Engineering was hired to repair a 157-ft section of storm drain pipe on Cliffside Drive.  The existing concrete pipe was displaced at the joints and leaking which caused a sinkhole at on location and the pavement along the pipeline to settle.

A Cured-In-Place system (CIPP) was implemented, which is a trenchless rehabilitation method used to repair existing pipelines.  It is a jointlesss and seamless pipelining within an existing pipe.  The pipe begins as a flexible; resin-infused felt tube that is inserted within the existing pipe through the manholes.  Once in place, steam is added and the curing process begins.  The pipe liner (tube) molds itself to the shape of the existing pipe and hardens into a plastic pipe, creating a uniform lined pipeline system that will not leak.  This method has been used in other areas of the City with success.