Pleasant Hill Inclusionary Program

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Pleasant Hill Everyone Belongs Inclusionary Program: Reaffirming the City of Pleasant Hill's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

In 2021, the Pleasant Hill City Council recognized the need to prioritize diversity within the city and created the Pleasant Hill Diversity Commission. The Diversity Commission embraces diversity, ensures inclusion, educates the public, and strives to generate a culture of belonging. We welcome, support, celebrate, empower, and respect every unique member of our community. With these values, our city's families, schools, businesses, workforce, and relationships will flourish to greater heights.

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We believe that Pleasant Hill residents and visitors feel a sense of belonging when they are embraced, regardless of who they are and where they are from. We want to foster a sense of belonging for everyone. Our community is strengthened by its diversity.

As you commit to the pledge, we ask that you consider your everyday interactions with your Pleasant Hill neighbors and guests. Every interaction is an opportunity to have a positive impact, and make someone feel welcome. Our actions toward each other are a reflection of our community.

HOW CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE TO A CULTURE OF BELONGING?You Belong Here words with multicolored hands in a circle

  • Maintain a welcoming, inclusive environment. Communicate that everyone belongs.
  • Respect people, build connections across differences, and recognize each others' humanity. Consider your impact on others.
  • Examine multiple perspectives and viewpoints outside of your own experience.
  • Invest in your community by educating yourself on best practices for diversity and inclusivity. Be open to learning and growing. 
  • Empower yourself to make changes that embrace the community around you. Communicate the changes you are making within your own environment. 

The City of Pleasant Hill Diversity Commission welcomes all businesses, houses of worship, civic groups, nonprofit organizations and residents to take the “Everyone Belongs” pledge.

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