2022 Street Resurfacing Project

March 1, 2023 - Project Resumes

Work has begun on the 2022/23 Street Resurfacing Project.  Construction activities this week include base failures (pothole) repairs on the project streets in a Poet’s Corner.  Motorists are encouraged to drive slowly thru the work area and obey all traffic control measures that are in place. Weather permitting, the tentative March 2023 paving schedule is linked below.

March 2023 Paving Schedule

March 2023 Resident Notification

PHR Paving

The 2022 Street Resurfacing Project calls for the resurfacing of two residential neighborhoods.

The project is divided into two work phases. Phase I, consists of preparing the streets by repairing potholes, sealing cracks, installing ADA curb ramps, monument preservation, utility adjustments, and limited concrete curb and gutter repair. Once completed, the contractor will proceed with Phase II, providing a final pavement resurface treatment on all of the project streets.  Restriping of streets, including bicycle and pedestrian facility upgrades per the City's draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan after the resurfacing work is completed.  Affected residents will receive a notification from the City regarding the project schedule. 

For information regarding the City’s Street Resurfacing Program, contact Ann James, Maintenance Superintendent at (925) 671-5244.

Bid Results

Construction Award Staff Report

Letter to Residents

Residential Zone 7 Street Map

Residential Zone 20 Street Map

Residential Zone 17 Street Map

Presentation to City Council

Construction Schedule

Notification - Locations: Chilpancingo Pkwy / Grayson Road

Weekly Updates

October 21, 2022: City Street Resurfacing Project Begins

At its September 12, 2022 meeting, the Pleasant Hill City Council awarded the contract for the 2022 Street Resurfacing Project to MCK Services, Inc. Construction on the project began on October 10. Activities to date include the installation of new, ADA-compliant curb ramps on Boyd Road and Oak Park Boulevard, curb and gutter repair, and utility adjustments on project streets. 

All streets are open to local traffic, however, motorists are encouraged to drive slowly through the work zone, and obey all construction area traffic devices and flaggers. Short delays are to be expected. 

ADA-Compliant Curb Ramp

November 4, 2022: 2022 Street Resurfacing Project

The 2022 Street Resurfacing Project has begun in Pleasant Hill. Construction activities this week included clearing and grubbing, sidewalk repair, and utility adjustments. 

Paving activities will begin next week on Chilpancingo Parkway. Project work will begin at Contra Costa Boulevard and head westbound toward the city limits. For the safety of the workers and pedestrians, motorists are encouraged to drive slowly through the work zone and obey all traffic control devices. 

Red Lift Truck
Paving crew

November 18, 2022: Street Resurfacing Work Continues

Construction activities this week included the placement of new hot mix asphalt on Chilpancingo Parkway, between Contra Costa Boulevard and Camelback Drive. 

Pedestrians and motorists are asked to move slowly thru the work area and obey all traffic control devices.

Construction activities next week will include the placement of new asphalt concrete on Chilpancingo, between Camelback Drive and the City Limits. 

The City appreciates everyone's patience while we complete the work in this area.

December 5, 2022: Project on Hold

Work in Poet’s Corner on the 2022 Street Resurfacing Project has been temporarily suspended due to upcoming poor weather conditions.  Both the City and MCK are concerned about the short and long term effects on the quality of the new asphalt pavement surface due to the forecasted rain.  Paving operations will  be resumed when the weather improves and the new asphalt can be placed per the project specifications.  MCK has picked up the no parking signs so our residents have full use of the street, until such time as the project resumes.  For any additional project information, please contact the Public Services Center at (925) 671-4646.