Gregory Gardens Storm Drain Project

The Gregory Gardens No. 6 subdivision created a storm drain system in the early 1950’s to collect storm water runoff and discharge it into Grayson Creek and the Contra Costa County Flood Control channel. The approximately 700 linear foot long corrugated metal pipe (CMP) storm drain system has reached the end of its useful life. Most of the storm drain pipes are located in private drainage reserves located underneath side yards and backyards of residential properties. In a number of locations, the private CMP has corroded, collapsed and are clogging, resulting in pipeline failures, flooding and damage to property. This project will provide a new pipe alignment through the subdivision including, where possible, abandoning sections of the old private storm drain and relocating to the public right-of-way (ROW) along the roadway. In portions where storm drain pipeline would remain beneath private properties, the private drainage reserves will be converted to public storm drain easements, so the City can maintain and manage the pipeline in the future.  City Council awarded the project in March 2022 to Kerex Engineering and is expected to be completed Mid-October.   

Please contact Ann James, P.E., Maintenance Superintendent,, for additional information.