Plot Plan Instructions

Plot Plans

The City can help with any questions regarding the property dimensions and setback requirements.
  1. Sketch your property and existing improvements to decide what scale to use.
  2. Draw a plan view of your property to scale (1 inch = 20 feet preferred). Show side, front, and rear property lines with their dimensions. Show any easements as listed in your title report or assessor's map book. (City has a copy.)
  3. If your property is on a corner, name both streets.
  4. Draw a north arrow and indicate scale used under arrow.
  5. If there are structures on your property, do the following:
    • Locate all existing structures on your property, residence, utility building, pump house, rentals, off-street parking, etc.
    • Locate all structures as to distance from the sides, front, and rear property lines. Give distance in feet.
    • Show the use of all structures. Examples: two-car garage, utility building, residence, shed, swimming pool / spa, etc.
  6. Locate proposed new addition and/or structure.
    • Show dimensions of exterior walls of new addition and/or new structure.
    • Show roof slopes and site drainage to approved location (preferably to front of property and street).
    • Indicate the use of each new addition and/or structure. Examples: garage, carport, patio, cover, utility building, pump house, etc.
    • Show and clearly label existing (pre-construction) and proposed (post-construction) drainage patterns including location of new drains (i.e. behind retaining walls) and how they tie into existing system. Reason: It cannot be determined how existing lot drainage will be affected by the project. You are required to establish or re-establish positive lot drainage swales or pipes around new building additions, pools / spas, retaining walls, and related amenities.