Trash & Recycling Services in Pleasant Hill

Trash and Recycling services in Pleasant Hill are managed by Republic Services.  For detailed information about these services, please visit the Republic Services website.

If you need to request service from Republic Services, please call the customer service line at (925) 685-4711. If your request for service is not met in a timely manner or you have a complaint regarding service, please call the City's Maintenance Superintendent at (925) 671-5244. 

How do I recycle of dispose of....
Mandatory Commercial Recycling
Recycling service in Pleasant Hill is mandatory for commercial business and multi-family complexes, per City Ordinance. When you set up garbage service, you MUST also set up recycling service. The cost of recycling service is included in your garbage rate and so is available at no extra charge. We encourage you to request as much recycling service as you need, with no increase in your garbage bill. Please call Republic Services Recycling Coordinator, at (925) 671-5806 if you have any questions about the program. Republic Services can provide free waste audits, information for tenants, and indoor recycling receptacles.

Solid Waste Ordinance
The City’s Solid Waste and Recycling Program manages the City’s 
Solid Waste Ordinance and the City’s waste hauling franchise with Republic ServicesThe program also develops programs for diversion from the landfills, and recycling grants for used motor oil, and beverage containers. Each year the City obtains grant funds from the State to encourage and promote recycling of used motor oil and beverage containers.

Agreement for Collection Services

If you have any questions about the City’s Solid Waste Program, please contact the City's Maintenance Superintendent at (925) 671-5244.