File a Police Report

The Pleasant Hill Police Department will respond to in-progress incidents and all crimes with evidence or information, which may lead to the identity of a suspect and his/her apprehension, or if the incident just occurred and there is a likelihood the suspect may still be in the area an officer will respond.  When there are no reasonable investigative leads or identifying suspect information the online reporting services are an option to anyone who chooses.

The following crimes and reports may be reported by means of the Online Reporting System:

- Harassing or annoying telephone calls of an unwanted nature. Immediate hang-ups, obscene language with no known suspects that do not include the elements of a criminal threat.

- Non injury hit and run accidents. Damage caused by a vehicle and the driver fled the scene without exchanging required driver license, insurance and vehicle information. This does not include an accident requiring emergency medical treatment orin which there are investigative leads that would identify the responsible driver.

- Identity theft. Acquiring someone else's personal identifying information and using it to obtain credit, goods, or services. No known suspects or further investigative leads identifying the suspect.

- Lost property. When property is missing or lost with no evidence of theft. 

- Petty thefts without identifying suspect information, excluding vehicle theft, firearms and materials threatening to public safety, i.e., explosives or highly toxic substances.

- Petty theft from a vehicle whose doors are unlocked or windows rolled down enough to allow entry without force and there are no reasonable investigative leads that would identify the suspect

- Vandalism, excluding hate crimes, in which there are no reasonable investigative leads that would identify the suspect and the damage is less than $1,000.