Investigations Bureau


Investigations Bureau personnel conduct follow up on most felony crimes and present cases to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office for the filing of charges. Cases assigned include; sexual assaults, domestic violence, stalking, aggravated assaults, homicide, robbery, burglary, auto theft, identity theft, and missing persons. Additionally, the School Resource Officer and the Community Resource Officer are assigned to the Division. 

The Investigations Bureau is also responsible for the youthful offender diversion program, sexual offender and monitoring program, narcotic offender registration, and the issuing of permits for massage therapy, business and residential alarms, concealed weapons, firearm sales, taxi services, and door to door sales. 

The Investigations Bureau can be reached at (925) 288-4630 or email.

Investigations Bureau Assignments

Personnel Assignment Contact
Lieutenant Matt Kristic             Division Commander Email / Phone: (925) 288-4632
Sergeant Janayla Pierson Investigations Supervisor
Email / Phone: (925) 288-4634                          
Corporal Andrew Gartner  Supervisor / Persons Crimes  Email / Phone: (925) 288-4636
Detective Justin Morrison Persons Crimes Email / Phone: (925) 288-4638
Detective Nicole Soares Property Crimes      
Email / Phone: (925) 288-4637
Detective Stephen Vuong Property Crimes Email / Phone: (925) 288-4635
Officer Tammy Wooden School Resource Officer Email / Phone: (925) 288-4688
Admin Asst Stacy Corr                    Alarm Registration, Volunteer Program, Clerical & Administrative Support
Email / Phone: (925) 288-4632