Crime Prevention


Crime Prevention has been in existence within this department since 1973. We work with the citizens and business owners of Pleasant Hill to help build safe, crime-free neighborhoods and businesses.

Neighborhood Watch

Crime can happen any time of the day or night, and often when it is least expected. By getting to know you neighbors and forming a Neighborhood Watch Group, you can help identify unusual and suspicious activity at each other’s homes and help the Police Department make your neighborhood a safer place for all.

Safety Presentations to Citizen and Community Groups

Our Crime Prevention Officer is available to give safety presentations to citizen and business groups on simple, effective methods of preventing crime and lowering your chances of becoming a crime victim.

Operation Identification

By engraving your driver’s license number on valuable property, you increase the chance of it being returned to you should it be stolen. Taking photographs of items you cannot engrave also is an effective method of identification.

You should keep an itemized list of your property, with the serial numbers recorded and any unusual markings noted, in a safe place.