Street Pavement Moratorium

TruckThe City of Pleasant Hill Engineering Division establishes a five-year street pavement moratorium list to better manage the pavement degradation from the affects of utility cuts. This five-year street pavement moratorium list covers all pavement resurfacing but is not limited to slurry seals, conventional and rubberized cape seals, rubberized emulsion asphalt slurry seals, asphalt pavement overlays, reconstruction and new construction. Through research of local and national municipalities, it has been shown that trench cuts significantly alter and degrade pavement surfaces adjacent to the actual trench line. The City of Pleasant Hill requires all trench cuts to be t-cuts, to reduce the negative impacts of the trench cut.

The street pavement moratorium list was created in an effort to protect our capital investment in streets, the street pavement integrity, ride quality and appearances of new street surfaces. At times it becomes necessary to cut into moratorium streets that have been resurfaced in the last five years. The Engineering Division establishes pavement restoration guidelines for this work to protect the integrity of the pavement surface.