City Council

Three men and one woman wearing business attire standing before a raised dais.

(L-R:) Vice Mayor Matt Rinn, Councilmember Zac Shess, Mayor Tim Flaherty, Councilmember Sue Noack

About the City Council

Pleasant Hill is a General Law City with a five-member City Council on staggered four-year terms elected by the registered voters. Elections are held each November of even-numbered years. The City has a Council-Manager form of government much like a publicly traded corporation. Under this form, the   Council is responsible for legislative functions such as establishing policy, passing local ordinances, voting on appropriations, and developing an overall vision, similar to a corporate board of directors. The City Council appoints a City Manager as its advisor, to oversee the City’s administrative operations, and to implement the City’s policies. The Manager position is similar to that of corporate chief executive officer (CEO), providing professional management for the board of directors. The Mayor is annually selected from among the City Council, similar to a non-executive chairman in a corporation. The Mayor approves City Council agendas and acts as the presiding officer at City Council meetings facilitating and guiding the meetings and ensuring the meetings run smoothly, fairly, and in compliance with the City Council Rules and Procedures.

Terms & Meetings

Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Pleasant Hill City Hall, 100 Gregory Lane. Meetings are also broadcast on the Wednesday immediately following on Comcast Channel 28, Wave Channel 29, and UVerse Channel 99 at 7:30 p.m.

Comments and questions to the Mayor and Council members may be made by calling (925) 671-5267, faxing to (925) 680-0294, or by email. You can also mail the elected officials at:

100 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.

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Agendas and Minutes are also available on our City Council Webcast page.

Council Committees & City Commissions Agendas

Agendas for all City Commissions and Council sub-committees are available in the Agenda Center

Rules, Procedures & Participation in Meetings

Residents and the members of the public are encouraged to attend council meetings and speak on issues that are of interest in the community. Speakers have three minutes to address the City Council during the public comment period at the beginning of each meeting.

The public may also speak on a specific agenda item as they are discussed by the Council or the agency during the meeting. Persons may also write a letter to the Council to be considered as part of a correspondence item.

The City Council has adopted various rules and procedures which govern the conduct of meetings, types of meetings, council member duties, policies and various other procedures to be followed during meetings and doing council business.