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NO LATE FEES for 2024 Renewals, the City implemented a new permitting and business license system and is attempting to correct issues related to some renewals and penalties during this transition. Normally, renewals are due by January 31st, but due to the new system issues, there will be no late fees assessed during this transition. The City apologizes for any issues this may be causing. 

Apply for a Business License

A business license is required to conduct business in the City of Pleasant Hill. This includes:

  • Commercial landlords
  • Residential landlords
  • Retail outlets
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers and their representatives
  • Service companies
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Independent contractors
  • Home businesses

Additionally, those conducting business in Pleasant Hill from an office located outside of the City are required to obtain a business license.

An important note, before you apply for a business license, have you applied for, and received approval of, a zoning permit through the City of Pleasant Hill Planning Division.  A zoning permit is required for all NEW and RELOCATED commercial and home occupation businesses that are located in the City of Pleasant.  This is an important permit as it verifies that your business is allowed to operate in your chosen location, or if it requires application and approval of a conditional use permit, or if it is not permitted at all.  If you have not received approval of a zoning permit you can reach out to the City Planning Division at 925-671-5209 or through email at You may also download the zoning permit application through the following LINK.

Applications & Schedules

 Special Requirements for Specific Business Types