Capital Improvement Plan

Pleasant Hill Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a management and finance guide for the design and construction of capital projects, acquisition of equipment, and installation of technology systems in the City.

The CIP covers a period of six years and is revised every two years to identify the infrastructure needs to enhance public facilities and systems, establish project priorities in the City for the preservation and enhancement of public facilities and address changes in community priorities and funding.

The purpose of the CIP is to function as the expenditure plan for capital projects. Capital projects include the rehabilitation of existing capital facilities, as well as the creation of new facilities. The largest and most visible facilities include:
  • City Hall
  • Public Safety Building (Police)
  • Corporation Yard (Maintenance)
  • Downtown Parking Garage
  • Over 109 miles of roadway system
  • Approximately 20 miles of storm drain system
The CIP is also prepared in compliance with funding requirements of County Measure C, passed in 1988.