Planning Application Forms & Information

Planning Application Submittal Requirements & Forms

The following are submittal requirements, including necessary application forms for commonly requested Planning Division permits:

Miscellaneous Application Forms

Planning Information

The following Planning information is provided for your information to assist with your relevant project. Please contact the Planning Division for additional information:

  • Temporary and Portable Sign Provisions
  • Garbage Enclosure Handout
  • Residential Accessory Dwelling Units - Handout
  • Determining Front Yard Property Lines
    • When preparing site plans for planning permit applications (or building permit applications if applicable) it is important to understand where the front property line is located, particularly for measure setbacks to ensure your project complies with setback provisions.  The curb, or back of sidewalk is NOT often the property line.  To help provide additional information, the following handout has been created for reference.
    • Front Yard Property Line Exhibit