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Planning Application Submittal Requirements & Forms

The following are submittal requirements, including necessary application forms for commonly requested Planning Division permits:

Temporary Outdoor Seating for Eating and Drinking Establishments - Application Form

In light of the ongoing pandemic related to COVID-19, the City of Pleasant Hill recently approved a Temporary Use Permit, applicable City-Wide, that would temporarily allow eating and drinking establishments to have 12 or more outdoor seats.  Prior to installation of any outdoor seating and related furniture, an application must be made, reviewed and approved by the City.  The application form, with associated submittal requirements, are provided below.

Please be aware, that implementation of any outdoor seating is subject to the Contra Costa County Public Health Officer allowing these types of activities to occur.  The City of Pleasant Hill action does not supercede any order by the Contra Costa County Public Health Officer.

Miscellaneous Application Forms

​Planning Information

The following Planning information is provided for your information to assist with your relevant project.  Please contact the Planning Division for additional information: