Budget & Financial Information

The City’s budget and financial activities are administered by the Finance Division. The Division is responsible for leading the biennial budget development process, administering the adopted budget, and providing regular reports on the City’s financial condition.

The City’s fiscal year (FY) runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following calendar year.



FY 2022/2024 Biennial Budget Documents

 Prior Years' Adopted Budgets & Other Documents

Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP)
   Long-Term Financial Plan (2018-2023)

Other Key Finance Documents 
   Five-Year General Fund Forecast (June 2017) 

    General Fund Reserve Policy (2022)

    General Fund Reserve Policy Resolution (2022)

    Pension Rate Stabilization Program Funding (PRSPF - 2022)

    PRSPF Resolution (2022)

    Debt Policy


Quarterly Revenue and Expenditure Reports

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report 

Single Audit Reports of Federal Programs

Appropriations Limit

FY 2022/23 Prop. 4 Draft for June 27, 2022 Council Meeting:

 FY 2020/21:

For additional information regarding the City’s budget and financial information, please contact the Finance Division.

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