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Online Payment Form

  1. Please be sure to SIGN IN BEFORE filling out the fields below in order to make a payment.

    Payments will not go through unless you are signed in on the site.

    Please Note: A 3% convenience fee with a minimum of $2.00 will be applied.

    Customers can still pay with check or cash at City Hall if they do not want to pay the convenience fee.

  2. Payment Information:
  3. Payment For:
  4. Please enter the Permit (if paying for a permit) or Business License (if paying for a business license) number(s) provided by the City. If paying for both, separate the numbers with a comma.

  5. Please enter the house number and street name for which the Permit or Business License is issued.
  6. Refund Policy
    If you have questions on cancellation or refund please contact us at (925) 671-5231.
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