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1. What are hours of construction?
2. When do I need a building permit?
3. Why get a permit?
4. Who can get a permit?
5. How long is my building permit good for?
6. My permit is about to expire but I’m not finished with the work. Can I get an extension?
7. I am adding a new bathroom to my house. What is my first step?
8. Can I check the permit history on a property in Pleasant Hill?
9. How long is a typical plan check for a residential addition?
10. Am I required to have an architect draw my plans?
11. Can the owner of a commercial property pull a permit?
12. Can I pick up the permit for my contractor?
13. Are plans required for adding solar onto my house?
14. How can I set up an inspection?
15. Do I need a permit to re-do my driveway?
16. Do I need a permit for a deck?
17. Do I need a permit to replace windows and doors?
18. I want to get rid of my pool. What are my options?
19. I live in an HOA. Do I need their approval before I pull a permit?
20. What inspections are required for a re-roof?
21. Do I need a permit for a shed?
22. Are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors required?
23. What is required to get a demolition permit?
24. Do I need a permit to remodel my kitchen?
25. Who can I contact regarding mold?
26. Do I need a permit for a pergola or arbor?